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  • Group Equipment Pilates
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Reformer Pilates Studio Port Macquarie


Reformer Pilates

SMART Pilates classes are small (5 people max) and personalized sessions on modern and well-maintained Reformers.

All of our are instructors are professionally qualified and will focus on:

  • Body form
  • Lengthening of muscles
  • Improving Strength and Balance

Reformer sessions assist in preventing injuries through slow controlled motions.

This will also highlight areas of reduced strength and weakness, then focusing on bringing your body back into balance.

The Reformer utilizes springs as resistance, these can be easily adjusted to suit you and improve your length and strength of muscle groups.


Group Equipment Pilates

SMART Group Equipment Pilates (12 people max) have been developed to include multiple pieces of equipment so as to broaden the range and variety of exercises.

All of our instructors are professionally qualified to include the following equipment in these classes:

  • Reformer
  • Wunda Chair
  • Cadilac
  • Jumpboard
  • Matwork Pilates exercises

This program is a 50-minute circuit format.

The session allows for a challenging workout whilst reducing impact on joints and bones.

This is a very cost-effective way in attending a Pilates session through a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Group Equipment sessions are also based on the “Principles of Pilates”, these components being core strength and flexibility.

Group Equipment Pilates Studio Port Macquarie

Matwork Pilates

The tailored and small focused Matwork Pilates classes are designed for up to 12 clients. They are great way to improve your core whilst enjoying the energy from the group session environment.

The Mat work Pilates classes concentrate on improving your postural alignment by strengthening the core muscles and increasing the flexibility of the body.

The classes use a mixture of small props such as bands, fitballs, toning rings and small weights etc.

Multiple classes per week available for all Equipment and Matwork Pilates classes.

Bookings are essential for all Pilates classes.

Matwork Pilates Port Macquarie

Strength and Conditioning

SMART Strength and Conditioning sessions are designed to improve overall strength, balance & in turn complementing other forms of training and exercise.

These classes are great for fitness and endurance for everyday people and competitive athletes whilst also being an integral part of rehabilitation programs from injury.

Strength and Conditioning classes encompass the Matwork Pilates principles of sound body awareness and core control.

There is also a focus on building muscle strength using your own body weight and also using light hand weights.

Pilates Consultation

Initial Consultation and Clinical Pilates

An initial consultation is recommended before commencing SMART Clinical Pilates to evaluate your physical health condition so that an appropriate program or class can be selected.

Specific exercises are carefully prescribed by an allied health professional creating a safe and effective exercise program.

This will meet the needs of the individual for treatment of a wide range of physical conditions.  These conditions could include pain in the lower back, neck, shoulder, hips/pelvis, knee, ankle and also other weaknesses.

Clinical Pilate’s programs will also benefit the athlete looking to enhance performance through the improvement of both essential movement and range of motion building strength.

This will assist in preventing injury due to the repetitive nature of an athlete’s sport.

SMART Pilate’s one-on-one clinical sessions are tailored to accelerate the progression of your rehabilitation and sport specific strength building.


Reformer Group Pilates Classes

Max 5 per class – 55min

Casual $45 +gst
5 Pack $200 +gst
10 Pack $360 +gst
Private One-to-One $120 +gst

Express Reformer Pilates Classes

Max 5 per class – 40min

Casual $35 +gst
5 Pack $150 +gst
10 Pack $275 +gst
Matwork Pilates Classes

Max 12 people – 55 min

Casual $25 +gst
5 Pack $100 +gst
10 Pack $180 +gst
Initial Consultation

One-to-one – 30/40 Mins
$60 plus gst

Group Equipment Pilates Classes (circuit format using all equipment)

Max 12 per class – 50min

Casual $30 +gst
5 Pack $125 +gst
10 Pack $225 +gst
Strength and Conditioning

Max 5 per class – 50min

Casual $25 +gst
5 Pack $100 +gst


Credit Cards Accepted.

Belinda Johnson

Belinda is passionate about helping her clients improve their fitness and restore their body awareness.

As a lifelong athlete herself, performing at a professional level, she knows too well how muscle tension, muscle recovery, soreness and injuries can affect our everyday life.

Her sporting involvement naturally led her to the study of preventative and restorative measures to improve the body’s performance and recovery.

Belinda is a nationally certified remedial massage therapist and boasts over 20 years of experience in helping to restore bodies that have endured sporting or work related injuries.

Furthermore, her experience in the instruction of Pilates allows her to provide her client’s with preventive measures to improve their body’s composition.

Equipment, Reformer and Mat work sessions are the focus of Belinda’s Pilates classes. These forms of Pilates allow the body to strengthen those deep postural muscles that work to neutralise and support the spine, lengthen and strengthen the body whilst improving posture, balance and body awareness.

Qualifications and Credentials:
– Studio Pilates Mat Work Certificate
– Studio Pilates Reformer Certificate
– Studio Pilates Ball, Band and Circle Certificate
– Studio Pilates Wunda Chair Certificate
– Studio Pilates Cadilac Certificate
– Studio Pilates Small Ball Certificate
– Studio Pilates Pregnancy Certificate
– Diploma of Remedial Massage
– Level 1 Strength and conditioning
– First Aid Certificate


Belinda Johnson

Nicole Bann-Murray

Nicole Bann-Murray

Nicole Bann-Murray

Those who are familiar with Nicole knows there comes an abundance of enthusiasm, for personal health and wellbeing, plus vast experience in exercise and training.

Nicole is a Port Macquarie local, apart from studying at UTS Sydney (Finance & Business Management) and then 14 years overseas. More recently Nicole was the owner of the extremely popular Peloton Espresso Bar for 6 years. It was an enjoyable time working closely with staff and the clientele, many involved in the cycling, running and triathlon communities.

Nicole’s past sporting interests have been surrounded by cross country running and swimming in the early days then cycling and further progressed to triathlons.

Nicole describes herself as “active person rather than a competitor”. Whilst at the UTS Sydney Nicole became an instructor at the gym, now becoming a Pilates instructor is reconnection with giving back to people through another form of health & fitness instruction.

Nicole is challenging herself to make Pilates, apart from the health benefits of strength and balance, build confidence, inclusiveness and also see “the fun side of fitness”.

Qualifications & Credentials
– Studio Pilates Mat Work Certificate
– Studio Pilates Reformer
– Studio Pilates Small Ball Certificate
– Studio Pilates Ball, Band and Circle Certificate
– Massage Therapy Cert IV
– Diploma in Massage Therapy
– Studio Pilates Reformer Progressions Certificate
– Advanced Oxygen, Breath Work & Nasal Breathing Certificate

Ben Johnson

Ben is focused on your health, wellbeing, sporting and athletic goals through individual and group activities.

He is widely experienced as a sports fitness adviser and coach with a high level of technical knowledge.

Ben has successfully competed in Triathlon, Surf Club and Cycling competition.

The period Ben trained like a professional Surf Life Saver “lit the fire” in Ben wanting to know more about human performance and then to subsequently pass that knowledge along through coaching.

These early life experiences of various sports have left Ben with a wealth of knowledge to call on for his coaching future.

Ben has recognized the importance of complementing “Strength and Conditioning” sessions into a person’s fitness routines whether than be endurance, cardiovascular or Pilates sessions.

The remedial benefits of Strength and Conditioning sessions are usually a very important part of a person’s recovery to everyday living and sporting activities.

For further information regarding Ben’s SMART Coaching services, beyond Strength and Conditioning go to:

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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